What’s a Word Walk?

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Are you an artist, writer, photographer or simply someone who loves to create? Come join author Angele McQuade on one of her engaging Word Walks, where you’ll explore a specially selected neighborhood of the Washington, DC area with your pen, sketchpad or camera, searching for inspiration at every corner.

During your hour and a half Word Walk, Angele will lead you from one location to the next, pausing to guide you and your fellow Word Walkers through creative exercises based on your surroundings. You’ll write or sketch or create on your own and then after the Word Walk ends, you’ll have the opportunity to share what you’ve created with your group at a nearby coffeehouse or cafe. Of course you can also just listen to what everyone else has to say, if you’d rather – your Word Walk can be as interactive or as solitary as you make it!

Angele has led Word Walks in the US and Europe. If you’d like to go on an adventure of your own, check the calendar for upcoming Word Walks or contact Angele to schedule a private event. Word Walks can be customized for families or student groups or held in a public location of your choosing – just tell Angele what your needs are in the contact form below!

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August 20th, 2013